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Elaine Tsangarides

"Elaine (Sands) Tsangarides is one of the founding partners of Belsay Christian Counseling Center which opened its doors in 1992. Dr. Tsangarides holds advanced degrees in education and in counseling, a doctorate in Christian counseling psychology and to further enhance her knowledge base, all but the dissertation in a clinical psychology program. She is a licensed professional counselor in the State of Michigan. She is also on the referral list for Focus on the Family.
Professional memberships include The Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children and Adults, the American Christian Counseling Association, The American Psychology Association,The American Mental Health Counselors Association and the Chi Sigmna Iota Counseling Honor Society.
Dr. Tsangarides also has specialty certifications in psychological testing and is nationally certified to work with trauma, crisis, and loss both in the community and school settings. 
As an educator, counselor and psychologist, Dr. Tsangarides strongly believes that knowledge and prevention are important components of the therapeutic milieiu. She has led seminars on sexual abuse, infidelity, sexual addictions, trauma, spiritual struggles, marital and parenting issues. She has been a guest on radio and cable t.v., is a national speaker for Freedom for the Heart and has presented at conferences with other well-known keynote speakers such as Randy Carlson. Deeply committed to her field, Elaine has also supervised other therapists, both counselors and pastors,  in their respective disciplines for guidance and to help them fulfill their licensure requirements.
Dr. Tsangarides emphasizes the integration of body, mind and spirit with sound psychological principles as they are in accord with spiritual principles. Elaine is acutely aware, moreover, of the damage that legalism has done to those seeking healing for wounded emotions.  'We are all works in progress and none of us should judge where someone else is on the trajectory that leads to a transformed self."  Elaine strongly believes that therapy should be a safe place to journey towards becoming all whom one can be in the loving arms of the Lord.
I am a process-oriented therapist. I identify progress as "baby steps" made in changes in thinking, subtle shifts of attitude or ways of looking at something. The end of therapy is when either the symptoms disappear or one has re-framed his/her viewpoint to successfully cope with a situation or problem that was previously causing distress. Sometimes, the symptom is nothing more than learning how to step out of the box and approach a situation from a different perspective. Other times the symptom is indicative of unresolved issues, often from childhood that pervade other situations besides that initially presented. A process-oriented therapist explores these paths to healing with the understanding that all roads ultimately lead to the core issue. A behavioral therapist,on the other hand, utilizes a more goal-directed and structured approach that treats the symptoms more than the underlying causes. Insight is less important to a behavioral therapist than to a process-oriented therapist.
That is my approach. My style is interactive and relational. This means that you will not have to guess what I am thinking. I may at times explore with you some possibilities that I am considering and ask for your feedback. Often you will know when I have hit home. Other times, I may tell you outright, this is what I feel is going on and it may even be confrontational, but only once you are safe enough to handle that. Other times, I will share with you something from my own life either to model another way to deal with a situation, or to provide an empathic bridge and/or ascertain that this is my gut level understanding of your experience. That is part of the relational aspect of therapy and is not self-indulgence. I am here soley to address your needs. I have no right to have my needs met in the therapeutic relationship.

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